What Style for Large Men?

Whether one is big, tall or both, it can be very difficult to find a style that suits the larger man. It is still a fact that all is not lost. There are several excellent tips which can enable the size-challenged to make the best decisions in terms of his wardrobe choices.

Keep the Focus on Fit

Comfort is paramount when deciding upon a certain garment. Trousers, jackets and button-down shirts are all included here. While a tailor may be required, this is much better than being forced to endure an ensemble that is highly awkward.


Brevity is the soul of wit and the same can be observed in terms of big and tall clothing. It It is best to avoid the “louder” colours and patterns. Instead, stick to more conservative trends. Not only will this help to even out one’s appearance, but a uniform look is always attractive for those who are larger than the average individual.

Breathable Fabrics

Lightweight materials are another important concern. Fabrics such as cotton are excellent at providing ventilation while simultaneously allowing the wearer to enjoy a decidedly comfortable fit. Also, flowing fabrics will add a lightweight appeal to what may otherwise appear to be a rather stolid and constricting outfit.


This a highly functional choice which makes a great deal of sense. As opposed to a constricting belt, suspenders will very literally give you more room to breathe. Let us never forget that they are supported by your shoulders; they can be worn much looser than a traditional belt. Due to the fact that they will be hidden during most occasions, they are an excellent alternative.

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Loose Shirts

A shirt that is tucked in is not only uncomfortable, but it can be rather unflattering. Be sure to tailor all of your shirts so that they can be worn freely while not “riding up”. Not only will this provide a greater sense of mobility, but the fact that the shirt appears to hang boasts a unique slimming quality.

These are only a few of the most tried-and-true styling suggestions for the big and tall man. Above all, comfort is king. When this is then combined with the other tips that were mentioned, accommodating the largest of frames can be made simple. It is indeed very easy to address even the most demanding of expectations.